July 19-24, 2022


From the first notes to the final breath, one of the most beloved and memorable musicals ever, West Side Story, takes the most famous love story of all time, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and sets it loose on the passionate and turbulent streets of 1950s New York, with two young lovers caught between rival street gangs, the Jets & Sharks.

Tony is a dreamer, ready to leave his gang behind and face the future head-on; Maria is idealistic and looking to explore the world beyond her family’s dress shop. When the two meet, their worlds stop – and cultural divides and societal expectations give way to star-crossed love.

Considered a musical theater masterpiece with a timeless message, West Side Story has energetic characters, inspiring drama, amazing dance, and light-hearted moments that appeal to all ages.

With a creative dream team that includes Leonard Bernstein (music), Stephen Sondheim (lyrics), and Arthur Laurents (book), this groundbreaking musical tackles themes of human dignity, prejudice, violence, and the need for compassion and forgiveness to bring about redemption and a coming together within communities.

Featuring a live orchestra performing one of the most exciting scores ever written for the stage, West Side Story‘s legendary jazz, Latin and classical-inspired music features treasured numbers like “Something’s Coming”, “Tonight”, “I Feel Pretty”, “Gee, Officer Krupke”, “Maria”, and “America”.

Mark your calendars now for July 19-24, 2022
Ticket sales begin June 28

Upper Room Theatre’s long-time collaborators 
 director Rob Tessier, music directors Cathy Drummond (orchestra) and Chris Zavadowski (vocals), and choreographer Vickie Taylor – are reuniting to bring you a timeless American classic that will linger in your heart long after the final note is sung.

(Auditions are mid-May and signups begin in mid-April. There will be a great variety of roles available for males and females, dancers, vocalists, and even non-dancers, so stay tuned to Facebook and UpperRoomTheatreMinistry.org for details.)