2019 MARY POPPINS Audition Info and Signups

FROM THE DIRECTOR: Like a fractured kite, the Banks family needs repair.  Mary Poppins brings joy, optimism, and a sense of childhood wonder not only to the children but the adults as well.  Our production will rally behind the healing that is yearning to occur between a father and his children as this story’s relevance transcends this fun fiction in an effort to inspire us all to put family first.

CAST: Our cast size is planned for approximately 32. ALL roles are open to rising 9th-12th graders, college students, and young adults in their 20s and 30s.  Plus we need 2 children: one 7-10 year old boy under 54″ tall, and one 9-13 year old girl under 60″ tall.


CHARACTERGenderAge of the Character
(not the performer)
Mary PoppinsF20s/30sMezzo Soprano; a dynamic triple threat who is "practically perfect in every way"
BertM20s/30sBaritone; sincere and comic with ability to Tap, Sing, and be a lot of fun!
George BanksM30sBaritone; strong actor and who can play father role
Winifred BanksF30sMezzo Soprano; strong actress and soloist who can play dramatic & comedic
Jane BanksF109 - 12 year old girls less than 60" ONLY may audition
Michael BanksM87 - 10 year old boys less than 54" ONLY may audition
Mrs. BrillF30s/40sComedic actress; alto
Robertson AyMlate teens - early 20sComedic actor; tenor
Miss AndrewF60sa performer who can play age and has an amazing soprano range with alto belt
Bird WomanF40s/50sa performer who can play older with a dramatic alto range
Mrs. CorryF40s/50sSoprano; comedic Actress playing older who has an iconic solo
Police ManM20s/30sActor
NeleusMTeenActor w/ strong dance
Park KeeperM20s/30sActor; tenor
AnnieFTeenComedic Actress
FannieFTeenComedic Actress
Miss LarkF20s/30sComic Actress; mezzo soprano
Admiral BoomM40s/50sa performer who can play older
Miss SmytheF20s/30sStrong actress with dance ability
Chairman of the BankM40s/50sBaritone; a performer who can play older and has a solo
Von HusslerM20s/30sActor w/ German accent
Katie NannaFOlder Teens/20sActress
Dance & Singer Ensemble 6 Women, 3 Menrangeplay lots of roles throughout production!

REHEARSALS: Those cast will only be called to rehearsals when needed, sometimes for parts of rehearsals as well (you will not be called to every single rehearsal until July). The bulk of rehearsals will happen on Saturdays from 9:00am-1:00pm, Sundays from 5:00-10:00pm and two additional floating weekday evenings from 6:30-10:00pm. Those preparing to audition should do everything possible to keep those dates and times available.

PERFORMANCES: The production will run July 16-21, with required strike (take down of all set/lighting/clean-up) on July 22.

AUDITIONS (READ ALL but SIGN UP link is at bottom of page):

Choose one of our audition blocks on either Tuesday, May 14 or Wednesday, May 15 below after you have read this information.

Plan a one minute audition to show off your VOICE (most roles require singing in this show) or DANCE (tons of dance needs in Poppins) or BOTH.  It’s up to you.  Also, be advised that we expect your vocal and/or dance performance also demonstrates your ACTING ability (every role requires strong acting)!  If you are not a singer, you have the option to prepare a 45 second – 1 minute monologue.

SINGING:  Prepare a roughly 45-60 second song (32 bars). Do not choose a piece from Mary Poppins.  Arrive 10 minutes early, bring your sheet music (or iPod/smartphone out of its case), and bring your completed Audition Information Form. We are providing a fantastic pianist for your accompaniment (but speakers will be available too).  NOTE: If you choose to perform a song, we much prefer you to bring sheet music for our audition accompanist (a cappella singing is not desired).

DANCING:  If you decide to use your time for dance, please provide music via an iPod or smartphone (not in a case).  We will provide speakers.  We ask you avoid a burned CD if possible as they often cause problems playing.

*** CHILDREN AUDITIONSAuditions will be Tuesday, May 14 in the early evening.  BOTH Jane & Michael learn this song (even boys sing the girl part, but without an accent):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNTzp9grp2Q  and disregard other audition notes***  Register with the link found below.

An Audition Information Form plus more details and tips will be emailed to you once you reserve your appointment below. Don’t be nervous, we are all very friendly! 🙂

(NOTE: If you can’t make our in-person initial auditions and want to send in a video, please email auditions@upperroomtheatreministry.org for special arrangements.)

CALLBACKS: Callbacks will occur Sunday, May 19 from Noon – 4:00pm and are reserved for those who are called back to a second audition — KEEP THIS TIME OPEN! Our callback list will be announced here on our website no earlier than 7am and no later than 3pm, Thursday, May 16. The final cast list will be posted on our website Sunday, May 19 sometime between 9:00pm – Midnight. Check www.UpperRoomTheatreMinistry.org for updates!

Though Callbacks are extremely important to the casting process, it is possible to be cast without being available.  Be sure to notify the Stage Manager upon arrival at Auditions that you would not be available for Callbacks and be prepared to stay a little longer that evening.

FIRST REHEARSALS: Our important full company first rehearsal will be on Tuesday, May 21 at 6:30pm.  Then we will begin more music rehearsals on May 23, 25, and 26 (subject to change depending on conflicts). But as mentioned above, not everyone will be called for all the future rehearsals, depending on what numbers they are in and what conflicts exist.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Upper Room Theatre Ministry is sponsored by All Saints Catholic Church.  Casting will result in a mixture of members from All Saints in addition to those outside the church membership.  We certainly welcome anyone within the required age ranges to audition.  Be aware that because we are a ministry, we incorporate prayer into our rehearsal process by beginning and ending our rehearsals with prayer and dedicating our efforts to God. You don’t have to be Catholic, just open to allowing faith into the theatrical process.

Everyone is a volunteer. Any money that is made as a fruit of the production is directly contributed to helping pay for theatrical renovations and youth ministry spiritual opportunities and missions.

Anyone involved with our production over 18 must be Virtus-approved (this is our child protection program, since we will have people involved with the production under 18). It’s EASY to be approved as long as you fill out paperwork (this is the link to Virtus paperwork), permit a background check, and attend a 3-hour training on a Saturday morning. You can learn more at www.virtus.org (our diocese is Arlington).

QUESTIONS? Feel free to call the director, Rob Tessier, at 703-393-2141 or email auditions@upperroomtheatreministry.org.

How to Reserve Your Audition Time

Step 1) Select an available day & time slot.  (If you are boy or girl, you must choose a Boy or Girl group audition block – not an individual spot.)

Step 2) Fill out all of the required information and click “CONTINUE”. Then confirm your information on the second page.

Step 3) Read ALL of the very important audition details, tips and expectations in the email we send you. We will be emailing you a special document that you need to review and fill out.

Step 4) Show up to perform for us and have fun! 🙂