Audition Info and Signups


ABOUT THE SHOW: Since it first hatched in 1993, HONK! has winged its way around the world in more than 8,000 productions and in many languages. Winner of multiple awards, HONK! even won the prestigious “Best Musical” Olivier Award (Britain’s equivalent of the Tony Award)…beating out big shows like The Lion King and Mamma Mia!

Based on one of the world’s most beloved fables, this celebration of what makes us special is sure to delight audiences of all ages with its sparkling wit and toe-tapping score.

An entertaining tale for the whole family, you’ll journey with little “Ugly” as he goes from being ridiculed by his friends and family for his odd, gawky looks…to getting lost from his farm and Mother…to his harrowing adventure to find home…to finally discovering his amazing destiny and true beauty. Thanks to a parent that never gives up on her son, HONK! delivers a happy, surprise twist on Hans Christian Andersen’s beloved “The Ugly Duckling”. And along the way you’ll meet a whole flock of hilarious, colorful characters that discover being different isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Audiences are guaranteed to walk out with a big smile after they experience this heartwarming musical celebration about life, love, and acceptance! Director Rob Tessier, music directors Cathy Drummond (orchestra) and Chris Zavadowski (vocals), and choreographer Vickie Taylor – are reuniting to bring this delightful story to life. And this is your chance to have an amazing experience helping to create the magic!

CAST: ALL roles are open to rising 9th-12th graders, college students, and young adults in their 20s and 30s. Age Exceptions:  4 primary Duckling roles are open to rising 4th-8th graders

Open to current 8th graders, Teens, and thru Young Adults in their 20s & 30s
(Ducklings open to current 3rd - 7th graders)
MEN (all play other roles except Ugly & Cat)
UglyTeens or TwentiesTenor who can play innocence & wonder
CatAnyComic role with movement & singing
Drake20s-30sBaritone Comic Dad
Turkey20s-30sComic role who runs the school
Greylag20s-30sComic squadron leader
Bullfrog20s-30sComic role with pizazzy solo
BarnaclesTeenYoung Goose; comic and dance
Jay BirdAnyTV Personality Reporter
Father Swan30sWiser member
3 more primarily Ensemble rolesAnylots of cool characters & opportunities
WOMEN (all play other roles except Ida)
Ida20s - 30sMother: strong vocalist & actress
Queenie20s-30sTriple Threat; comic cat
Lowbutt20s-30sStrong singer & actress
MaureenAnyIda's Motherly friend; sings & lines
Dot20s-30sWife of Greylag; comic
Grace20s-30sHas a high opinion of self
Henrietta20s-30sfarmyard gossip
PinkfootTeenYoung Goose; comic and dance
SnowyTeenYoung Goose; comic and dance
Mother Swan30sWiser member
PennyTeenYoung Swan love interest of Ugly
BewickTeenSwan family
2 more primarily EnsembleAnylots of cool characters & opportunities
KIDS (also play Froglets)
Beakycurrent 3rd - 7th graderacting & singing; primary younger role
Billycurrent 3rd - 7th graderacting & singing; primary younger role
Downycurrent 3rd - 7th graderacting & singing; primary younger role
Fluffcurrent 3rd - 7th graderacting & singing; primary younger role

REHEARSALS: As long as the current environment has significantly improved, rehearsals will begin mid-June 2020. Those cast will only be called to rehearsals when needed, sometimes for parts of rehearsals as well (you will not be called to every single rehearsal until July). The bulk of rehearsals will happen on Saturdays from 9:00am-2:00pm, Sundays from 5:00-10:00pm and two additional floating Monday-Thursday evenings from 6:30-10:00pm. We may need to add more weeknights to make up for lost time. Those preparing to audition should do everything possible to keep those dates and times available.

PERFORMANCES: The production will run July 21-26, with required strike (take down of all set/lighting/clean-up) on July 27.

REQUIREMENTS: We WILL have roles for non-dancers available in the cast. Audition song and dance requirements will be posted here as we get closer to auditions.   However, you can certainly begin preparing.  Auditions will be Video Submissions.  You may perform any Broadway song of your choice (not from HONK) for a maximum of 90 seconds.  This will be submitted in early June along with a 30 second dance routine you will learn over YouTube in late May.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Upper Room Theatre Ministry is sponsored by All Saints Catholic Church.  Casting will result in a mixture of members from All Saints in addition to those outside the church membership.  We certainly welcome anyone within the required age ranges to audition.  Be aware that because we are a ministry, we incorporate prayer into our rehearsal process by beginning and ending our rehearsals with prayer and dedicating our efforts to God. You don’t have to be Catholic, just open to allowing faith into the theatrical process.

Everyone is a volunteer. Any money that is made as a fruit of the production is directly contributed to helping pay for theatrical renovations and youth ministry spiritual opportunities and missions.

Anyone involved with our production over 18 must be Virtus-approved (this is our child protection program, since we will have people involved with the production under 18). It’s EASY to be approved as long as you fill out paperwork (this is the link to Virtus paperwork), permit a background check, and attend a 3-hour training on a Saturday morning. You can learn more at (our diocese is Arlington). You do NOT need to do this prior to auditioning.