CALLBACK UPDATE – Thank you to all those who auditioned! You made it very difficult on us to choose who gets called back for the final round of auditions this Sunday, 5/15. Please visit our “CALLBACK DETAILS” page below for full information, schedule, and what to prepare for Sunday:

You can sign up for an audition spot below, but please carefully read everything first.

ABOUT THE SHOW: Click here to learn about our approach to this groundbreaking, timeless show.

CAST: ALL roles are open to rising 9th-12th graders, college students, and young adults in their 20s and 30s. 
The roles of Doc and Lt Shrank will be open to men in their 20s-60s. 
All roles require dance and singing ability except the roles of Officer Krupke, Glad Hands, Lt. Shrank, and Doc.

MariaF16-20 (actress in Teens or 20s)Beautiful soprano with strong Acting; Romantic lead
AnitaF19-24 (Teens, 20s or young 30s)Strong Dancer & Actress with Solo ability; Strong Personality
RosaliaF16-20 (actress in Teens or 20s)"America" soloist; Dancer/Actress with Lines
ConsueloF16-20 (actress in Teens or 20s)"I Feel Pretty" singer; Dancer/Actress with Lines
Francisca/ Teresita1 - 2 F16-20 (actresses in Teens or 20s)"I Feel Pretty" singer; Dancer/Actress with Lines
TonyM19-23 (Teens, 20s, or young 30s)Strong Tenor with solid Acting; Romantic lead
RiffM19-23 (Teens, 20s, or young 30s)Strong Actor/Dancer Soloist; Jets' Leader
ActionM17-21 (actor in Teens or 20s)Dancer/Actor with Lines & Solos
A-RabM17-21 (actor in Teens or 20s)Dancer/Actor with Lines & Solos
Baby JohnM15-17 (actor in Teens or 20s)Dancer/Actor with Lines & Solos; comic and younger
Big Deal / Snowboy1 - 2 M16-19 (actors in Teens or 20s)Dancer/Actor w/ Lines & Singing Highlights
BernardoM19-23 (Teens, 20s, or young 30s)Strong Dancer/Actor with lines; Sharks' Leader
ChinoM16-19 (actor in Teens or 20s)Strong Actor/Dancer with Lines
PepeM17-21 (actor in Teens or 20s)Actor/Dancer w/ lines
IndioM17-21 (actor in Teens or 20s)Actor/Dancer w/ lines
Luis/ Anxious 1 - 2 M16-20 (actors in Teens or 20s)Dancer/Actors
AnybodysF15-19 (actress in Teens or 20s)Strong Actress playing Tomboy role
VelmaF16-20 (Teens, 20s, or early 30s)Dancer/Actress with Lines; Riff's girlfriend
GraziellaF16-20 (Teens, 20s, or early 30s)Dancer/Actress with Lines; Action's girlfriend
MinnieF16-20 (actress in Teens or 20s)Dancer/Actresses
ClariceF16-20 (actress in Teens or 20s)Dancer/Actresses
Pauline/ Patty1 - 2 F16-20 (actresses in Teens or 20s)Dancer/Actresses
DocM50-60ss (actor in 30s-60s)Strong Actor with many lines guiding the boys
Lt ShrankM30s-50s (actor in 20s-50s)Strong Actor; tough cop
Officer KrupkeM20s-30s Comic Actor; comic cop
Glad HandsM20s-30sComic Actor; Teacher at School Dance
Any CharacterF or Many above characterFemale or Male solo "Somewhere"

REHEARSALS: Rehearsals begin MAY 18, 2022. Those cast will only be called to rehearsals when needed, sometimes for parts of rehearsals as well (you will not be called to every single rehearsal until July). The bulk of rehearsals will happen on Saturdays from 9:00am-2:00pm, Sundays from 5:00-10:00pm and two additional floating weekday evenings from 6:30-10:00pm (generally M – Th as we try to avoid Fridays). Those preparing to audition should do everything possible to keep those dates and times available.

PERFORMANCES: The production will run July 19-24, with required strike (take down of all set/lighting/clean-up) on July 25.

REQUIREMENTS: Unless you are auditioning for one of our four non-singing/non-dancing male roles, you will be required to sing a musical theater piece for us as well as dance for us in your initial audition. We expect that your vocal and dance performances for us always demonstrate your storytelling and ACTING abilities. Every single role in this show requires strong acting.

Plan for for a 45-second private audition with our directors to show off your singing and acting. (If you only auditioning for one of the four male non-singing, non-dancing roles, and do not want to sing or dance in the show at all, then you have the option to perform a 45-second monologue.)

SINGING: While you should know your entire song, for your audition we want to hear a cut that is no longer than 45 seconds (32 bars of music). And please do not choose a piece from West Side Story. Arrive 10 minutes early, bring your sheet music (or audio player/smartphone out of its case and with a headphone jack – NO CDs), and bring your completed Audition Information Form you will receive after you sign up for an audition slot.

We are providing a fantastic pianist for your audition accompaniment (but wired speakers will be available too only if you are bringing a device that has a headphone jack). If you choose to perform a song, we ask you to bring sheet music for our audition accompanist (we ask that you avoid a cappella singing as we want to hear you with music).

DANCING: Once you have signed up for an audition slot, you will get a video of a dance for you to learn at home before you come into auditions. You will perform this dance for us in a small group. (This does not apply to those who are only auditioning for one of our male non-singing/non-dancing roles).

(NOTE: If you can’t make our in-person initial auditions and want to send in a video, please email for special arrangements.)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Upper Room Theatre Ministry is sponsored by All Saints Catholic Church.  Casting will result in a mixture of members from All Saints in addition to those outside the church membership.  We certainly welcome anyone within the required age ranges to audition.  Be aware that because we are a ministry, we incorporate prayer into our rehearsal process by beginning and ending our rehearsals with prayer and dedicating our efforts to God. You don’t have to be Catholic, just open to allowing faith into the theatrical process.

Everyone is a volunteer. Proceeds from the production directly support the Youth and Young Adult Ministry spiritual opportunities and missions in addition to supporting future theatrical renovations.

Anyone involved with our production over 18 must be Virtus-approved (this is our child protection program, since we will have people involved with the production under 18). It’s EASY to be approved as long as you fill out paperwork (this is the link to Virtus details), permit a background check, and attend a 3-hour training on a Saturday morning. You can learn more at (our diocese is Arlington). You do NOT need to do this prior to auditioning, but if called back will need to do it quickly.